Beauty CULTure by Lauren Greenfield

Directed by renowned documentary director, Lauren Greenfield, "Beauty CULTure" investigates our obsession with beauty and the influence of photographic representations on female body image. Film subjects hail from diverse points on the beauty landscape. Fashion photographers, child pageant stars, bodybuilders, teenagers, and intellectuals engage in a provocative dialogue that addresses the persistent "beauty contest" of daily life.

This Evergreen Pictures Production was commissioned by the Annenberg Foundation/Annenberg Space for Photography


Director(s): Lauren Greenfield

Producer(s): Frank Evers, Shanah Blevins

Editor: Catherine Bull

Director of Photography: Malik Sayeed

Executive Producer: Frank Evers

Composer: Fol Chen

Production Associate: Jasmin Chang

Primary Cast: Lauren Greenfield, Anna Bayle, Gilles Bensimon, Lili Cohen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Carmen Dell'Orefice

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